Talrop Cirtic

A world class Commercial
Innovations, Research, Training
& Incubation Center

About Us

TALROP CIRTIC is a project of TALROP which aims at beginning a centre at each and every institute to train the students there making them accomplished in every field. All kind of mentoring and support will be provided to the students to encourage them to enter the field of research and making them appropriate to enter the commercial field.


Our vision

Whatever a student studies it should not be something that is just restricted to the usage in the duration of the course rather it should be something which can be applied in their future to make their as well as the society’s future strong. CIRTIC not only focuses on technology but also in management, food industry, fashion industry, trading, tourism, every requirement in these field like training, research, commercial perspectives etc will be provided to the students by CIRTIC.


Our mission

The mission of this project is that each and every student while getting out of the institution after completion of his/her course should be jack of his traits. The person should have knowledge about their subject of study such that when they enter the real world they can sustain by themselves.


The Talrop CIRTIC

  • Talrop


    The space meant for the commercial purpose is meant to a space for the students to learn and experience the commercial development and earn money while learning itself.

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  • Talrop


    Whole lot of discussions, meetings to happen and a space to be used for brainstorming and finding out stuffs useful for the company as well as each and every working force.

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  • Talrop


    The research space is used for various new developments and discoveries to happen there by repeated study of the subjects and study about their application in the actual world.

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  • Talrop


    The training centre is completely meant for the students and the new people joining us. All sorts of facilities will be provided to them along with educating them about what to do, how to do etc and make them proficient enough to work together.

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  • Talrop


    It is a platform that brings ideas to real world with perfect implementation and knowledge. All sorts of guidance will be provided at each and every step from the initial step to reaching the execution step.

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Our process

Setup your building

The institution provides the space for Talrop CIRTIC where the students are given technological training. The space fulfills the following basic requirements:

  • 500 to 2000 sqft building
  • Electricity connection
  • Water Supply

We will setup CIRTIC

Talrop will convert the space provided by the institution into the CIRTIC. Talrop will make all the following arrangements in this space.

  • Painting & branding
  • Office setup
  • Administrator cabin
  • Meeting room
  • Workstations (10 - 70)
  • Chair
  • Table
  • Plug points & Power backup
  • Networking & Internet
  • Desktops
  • Printer
  • Projector
  • CCTV
  • Speech stand, mic & speakers
  • A/C & Fans
  • Restroom & dining

Project implementation
(one by one)

Talrop will implement different projects in the institution at different levels. These projects will be implemented one by one accordingly.


Institute's benefits

Having implemented the project and Talrop CIRTIC in an institution add a lot to its goodwill. Following are the benefits of such an institution:

  • Institute Recognition

    The benefit of the institute is that with such a project being implemented in your institute and your students being a part of such noble and acclaimed cause, there will be huge news about the events happening and thus, the institute gets well acclaimed in the society and thus getting recognized by one and all.

  • High Tech Institute

    Since such kind of training is carried out, the centers in the institute will be refurbished with high tech facility, which will make the institute seems to be a tech institute.

  • Management Software

    To manage the complete software in an easy way, a software is provided thus to ease out the tasks.

  • Excellent Students

    Students who get to be a part of this, with the training and stuffs received, get their skills completely furnished hence excellent quality students become the key attraction of the institute thus making the reputation of the institute higher.

  • Parents Satisfaction

    With the parents knowing about the works done in the institute which leads to a smooth and bright future of their kids, a sense of satisfaction is there in them. Seeing their kids fly high, the happiness in them is tremendous.

  • Better Profit (20% - 25%)

    The institute by allowing to carry out the functioning is able to earn a better profit of (20%-25%) through TALROP CIRTIC functioning itself.